Time for Galt’s Gulch? European Vultures Feast on MSFT

Europe is hungry, hungry for cold hard cash.  MSFT has just the dope.  No, they haven’t committed a crime.  Is anyone forced to buy MSFT?  Have they hurt the consumer?  The last time I looked, prices for new PC’s had cratered to all time lows.  I walked into PC world to pick up a portable hard drive the other night and there were systems marked down in boxes stacked three deep by the till for £230.

The cash generated by MSFT is being used for Africa.  This charity bandwagon was clearly resented by the snubbed noses of the European Commission who said, ” We have poor fellows too.” Aid not trade has backfired.  Too much aid and not enough trade in Africa and now even the nouveau riche want aid.   

Where are those cigarettes with dollar signs?  Where is John Galt?  Certainly not in the bleeding EC.


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