A Sharp Merchandiser Could Cure SHLD

SHLD is a languishing star and needs a good kick up the backside.  No yard sale can cure its ills. It has strong core assets – Lands End, Craftsman Tools and Kenmore Appliances are stalwarts.  The problem is lack of investment in people, property and merchandising.

Go into a Sears store and you will not find anyone to help you and those souls stuck at the till are forced to do nothing but ring up the sale.  No knowledge is being deployed on the floor or off. I tried to find infant clothes for a one year old child while shopping this Christmas.  Other than seasonal garments, I found the organisation of apparel appalling.  It was impossible to find light cotton clothing in an infant size 1.  What I wouldn’t have given for a properly organised display and some help on the floor.  The sales floor was completely empty.

Properly trained and motivated staff on the floor could go a long way to stem the bleeding.  Add a touch of merchandising and a little spit and polish and SHLD will sparkle brightly again.


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