Misery Commiseration

The media show for the G20 Summit is full of hype and promise.  Yesterday’s camera action included thugs casting large steel arms into the windows of RBS.  Then there was the awkward moment of the 3 point turn in front of Downing Street.  Pity the poor man leading them in.  When this throng goes away, where will he get his next act?  Michelle dutifully plays her role and of course she makes a great distraction from the real action and meat of the day.  Whatever happens, she will make us all feel better about ourselves.

I wonder what would happen if we had a media free day.  The actors need a stage and if they spent less time staging, there would surely be a huge savings.  Why for instance does Obama need an entourage of 500?  Then again, those leaning towards violence would also lose their power if no-one gave them the coverage their acts are bent on taking.

As I look out my window, the sky is a  glorious blue, the new seedlings I planted a few weeks ago are coming up smartly in the propagator on the windowsill, and the bird song this morning was a total delight.  Maybe if we all spend more time in the natural universe, we’ll have a plan for tomorrow worth living for.

As I contemplated the implications of a GM bankruptcy the other night, thinking about the food chain and all the businesses and therefore people along the way who would be impacted, my husband shook up my thinking by reminding me that at the top of the chain is food itself.  Without it we all die.  I sat there in shock and said, ‘But what about civilisation?  I hadn’t gotten it yet.  Without food there is no civilisation.  That is why it matters how we treat the earth’s resouces.  No matter that every attempt has been made to put the world’s first industry away as an ever smaller part of the economy.  In the end if we cannot feed ourselves, we cannot live.

I note today that the UAE is going hell for leather into nuclear power.  Having read John’s vision of the last days in Revelation, I’ve often wondered how such a scenario could play out.  No longer.  Whatever the temporary benefits of this major push into nuclear power, the seeds of our annihilation are being sown.  And just like our weaknesses being played out in the last financial folly, the plan hatched today by the G20 will lead to new folly and the other half of that great end game also prophesied in Revelation.

In the meantime, it’s all smiles for the G20.  The misery commiseration has been lulled at least temporarily into euphoric stupor.


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